Geekvape 521 Master Kit V2
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 521 Master Kit V2 comes with fully loaded tool kits which are everything you need to wrap perfect coils.

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This 521 master kit V2 (140mm*170mm*30mm) contain.

Name Material Size
521 Tab Mini Aluminium 83mm*61mm*24mm
Slotted screwdriver Stainless steel φ1.4, φ2.0, φ2.8
Cross screwdriver Stainless steel φ1.8, φ2.4, φ3.0
Elbow Tip Nipper pliers Stainless steel 80mm*147.5mm*12.8mm
Diagonal pliers Stainless steel 130mm*50mm*12mm
Scissors Stainless steel & Bio-plastic 121.6mm*67.3mm*10mm
Ceramic Tip Tweezer Ceramic & Stainless steel 30.5mm*96mm*8mm

521 Tab mini included

Product Geekvape 521 tab mini
Size 83mm*61*mm*24mm
Input Voltage 2.7-4.2V
Output Voltage 1.8-4.2V
Currents 5-14uA
Burning Protection 14.5-15.5S
Output Wattage 31-33W
Measure range 0.01-9.9 ohm
Lowest fire resistance 0.1 ohm



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