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Nicotine Vape Juice Level:- What Level Is Appropriate For YOU?

Selecting the right nicotine vape juice level is just as important as finding the right vape pen.

  • If you pick much high level, it may lead to coughing and feeling of weakness.
  • Contrarily, if you pick a very low nicotine juice level; you may find it not enough to satisfy your cravings.

Most e-liquids come with nicotine strength levels starting from zero to 50mg/ml. Some bottles also come with nicotine strength mentioned in % rather than in concentrations. If you have started vaping recently, then all this may seem confusing at first.

But don’t worry.

‘Vaper Choice’, your reliable e liquid nicotine supplier enlightens you in the right direction on how to pick the right nicotine e-juice strength for your pleasure puffs.

Appropriate Nicotine Strength For Newbies & Savvy Smokers:-

appropriate nicotine strength

FOR SAVVY SMOKERS (Wanting Big Clouds With Their Usual Nicotine Hit)

Most normal cigarette have nicotine levels between 4 mg to 14mg (each). When deciding the nicotine levels in your vape-juice, this is a good parameter to follow. Another thing worth remembering is that 24 mg/mL and 36mg/mL are not meant for smoking use.

Their regular nicotine strength should not be any more than 6mg/mL to 9mg/mL. However, if you are a heavy cigarette smoker (30 ciggies each day give or take), they should not exceed any more than 12mg/mL.


For starters who have only set foot into the world of vaping (and who were never really big smokers), should opt for 1.5mg/mL to 3mg/mL, and 3mg/mL to 6mg/mL of nicotine strength.


Furthermore, there has been a lot of talk about whether it is possible to vape without any nicotine present in the vape juice.

We, at ‘Vaper Choice’, believe it most certainly is! For your pleasurable pass-time; we offer you a wide collection of best ZERO nicotine e juice in Australia, (all in rich, exotic and natural flavours).

All this is in addition to the many other nicotine level vape-juices you can sort and purchase from our site. Each of our nicotine juices blends quality, safety and affordability. There are no harmful chemicals of any sort, and each of them is prepared to produce dense clouds and satisfying experience.

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Some Key Considerations To Getting The Appropriate Nicotine Level:-

appropriate nicotine level

You may now be aware of what concentrations are appropriate for different types of smokers. However, the smoking intensity does vary in individuals from time and time. And for that; you need to consider these key considerations prior to picking.

  • Your Preferred Throat Hit: Harsher taste giving a throat hit or smoother hit with flavour enjoyment.
  • Your Consumption:- Do you smoke many times in short intervals or do you indulge in longer sessions.

If the former then opt for a medium-high nicotine strength vape juice, and if the later then opt for a low to medium nicotine concentration. And the reason for that is it may give rise to headaches, dizziness and even nausea.

  • And Finding E-Juice Equivalency:- Lastly, when you finish up with one e-juice; you should look for another, preferably which gives an equal degree of ecstasy. Or else, their cravings may be not satiated.

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