K Square Juice made in United States contained within a bottle of our e-Liquid is a hand-picked assortment of the finest ingredients the industry has to offer. Utilizing components sourced from the United States of America, we take pride in what contained within our product.

Why do we choose K2 E-Juice ?


  • All the ingredients used to manufacture K2 E-liquids are Pharmaceutical and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients- K Square has a certificate of analysis for each ingredient used in its e-liquids.
  • K2 e-liquids are made from only those ingredients that are duly approved by FDA and FEMA.
  • All the juice is Tested by an independent lab to ensure it’s free of unnecessary ingredients and labelled with best-by dates and track able lot numbers to ensure you get the finest product possible
  • Last but not least , there may be some other e-liquid in the market that is much cheaper than K2 ; they likely have been manufacturer under bad quality control , import cheap/un-graded ingredient from overseas ( China, India , Indonesia, etc.).


With K Square E-juice

you never settle for less than you deserve

demand the best, accept nothing less.